Wed, September 9, 1998

I went back to the house again yesterday. 

It feels like doing archaeology.  

I'm looking at all the things these people 
 used - 
  the books on their shelves, 
  the toys in one of the rooms, 
  clothes in various closets. 

Whoever these people were, they probably had two kids - 
 there's two small beds with 
 canopies in one of the bedrooms.  
 In the closet in that room, there 
 are kids clothes in two different 

 Girls clothes.  

English was the primary 
 language in the home - 
 all the books are in English.  
 Over two hundred kids books in 
 the smaller bedroom.  
 Ranging from Dr. Seuss 
 Beverly Clearly 
 Judy Blume.  
 Full set of Shel Silverstein's books.

Nothing very unusual about 
 the bathroom, 
 dining room.  
 Not much food in the refrigerator, 
 but I understand they've been away.  
 Maybe someone cleaned it out for them.

Piles of unanswered mail on 
 the dining room table.  
 Signs of pets, but none around the house.

I wonder who they were.