Lisa asked me what was wrong
	I told her I missed Amy

	She looked at me and said
	let's pretend she's here with us

	I smiled.  She said
	you can pretend I'm Amy

	I told her that I liked her being Lisa
	but we could pretend Amy's here

	She reached across the bed and picked up the rabbit 
	that came from Julia's brother Christopher

	This can be Amy
	she said

	I sat up and told "Amy" to pick 
	two bedtime songs

	Lisa told me that Amy picked
	City of New Orleans and Closer to the Light

	So, I played those songs 
	on the guitar that came from Katie

	While Lisa snuggled 
	in the quilt that came from Trudi

	I thought about that...
	thought about how many things around us came from someone

	We'd finished dinner prepared by friends
	after spending 2 hours at Lisa's day care center

	At lunch time, we'd visited my job
	had good conversation, I felt pretty normal

	Breakfast was bagels and fruit 
	brought by friends from Lisa's school

	We're living on the good graces 
	of those around us
		- October 8, 1998