What frame is the Explorer built on?

	How much bigger is a Suburban than 
	an Expedition? 

	Let's get online and look at crash test
	results for the latest model year.

	Money is no object, let's see the next
	bigger thing.

	Does this have passenger side air bags?

	Can you get side impact air bags on this

	These are not the kinds of discussions
	I'd expected to have when looking at new

	I didn't even expect to be looking at new
	cars. Now, we're trying to decide what's
	the biggest thing on the road.

	It seems to be the Ford Expedition.  

	This car will cost me more in the 
	first 6 months than I paid 
	for my last 2 cars combined.

	As I drive around now, I look at the 
	different cars on the road and the
	different people in them.

	Families in a Corolla, a Taurus, even
	any of the dozens of different mini-vans.
	Moms in rusty, ten year old cars with 
	their kids strapped carefully into their
	approved and tested carseats, facing 
	the rear if they're infants, facing front
	in their boosters if they're older but
	still under 40 pounds.
	They all look like victims waiting for
	death to find them.  


	for some drunken idiot in a new SUV 
	to seek them out.

	And kill them.

	So, we look for the most metal we can wrap
	around us and still move down the road at
	a reasonable speed. This will give us 
	the illusion of safety.
	I've read two stories in the last few weeks
	about accidents caused by airborne cars
	crossing the median and crashing into 
	opposing traffic.

	I wonder what kind of protection the
	Expedition is against that?
		- October 19, 1998