Mom and Dad's notes on Lisa's recovery

December, 1998

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Not finished! REad at your own risk!
Ann Arbor - 12/31/98 xx:00 AM Central Daylight Time - Mike
We're already back from California, but I want to log some of the things that happened on the trip.

We left on December 16. Dad and Mom had two meetings that afternoon -- wrapping up loose ends before we left town -- and Lisa got to "go for coffee" with her friend Julia's mom. This was a blessing in more than one way. We found out as we were waiting for the airplane that Lisa was excited about travelling because Paula had told her she was going to enjoy it. She was looking forward to zipping down the runway and watching things get smaller as the plane rose into the air.

She loved the flight. And she kept saying "Paula was right!"

We landed at SFO, had Italian dinner in South SF with one of Jean's old friend's Carol.